Beautiful, modern double-glazed windows 

Our Windows are made using the latest technology advances. Today’s double glazed windows can make a huge difference to the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. Independent industry research shows modern uPVC windows, like the ones we sell, to be an astonishing 55% more efficient than equivalent double glazing windows produced at the turn of the millennium. They’ll save you money on ever-increasing energy bills, make your home more comfortable, and give your house a sparkling modern make-over into the bargain. 

Our range of double glazing windows is designed to help to keep your family home safe, toasty and free from outside noise pollution. Phair Windows offers modern uPVC double glazed windows in various colours, types of windows and frames, including Georgian windows, to ensure that there’s a style that suits your home’s unique design and decor.

uPVC Windows
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Sash Windows 
Bay Windows 
Georgian Windows 

Energy efficient double glazing 

It has been demonstrated that over 26% of the heat lost from your home can come from your windows. Be assured that all window units produced by Phair Windows achieve the current building regulation standards or better and contain our unique, highly energy-efficient technology. Ultimately, this means it will have heat retaining qualities to help you save money on your energy bills. A-rated windows are fitted as standard.

If your current windows are only single glazed, then upgrading to double glazing could have an even larger impact on the efficiency of your home. The extra pane of glass means that there’s an additional layer of material for heat to get through before escaping, so more is retained inside the house.

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Innovative window design to assure great and enduring performance 

All our double glazed windows are beautifully crafted and have been professionally designed to keep your home warmer, quieter and fully secure. All of these energy-efficient units have been manufactured in Leicestershire, helping us keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

With your new windows from Phair Windows, it’s not just style and quality you’ll be buying, but peace of mind too.

High security 

High levels of security –  All of our double glazed windows are manufactured with the best locking technology, making them incredibly difficult to force open. New double glazed windows for your Leicestershire home from Phair windows is an investment towards your home’s safety.


Energy efficient

Highest energy standards  – Keep your house warm and energy bills low! Our super-tough uPVC frames offer the very latest in window technology and are guaranteed never to warp, rot or pit. 


10-year Insurance Backed guarantee on all Double glazed windows

All our windows are covered by a comprehensive 10-year insurance backed guarantee, providing you with the secure knowledge that, should anything go wrong, you have access to free arbitration from the Ombudsman.

Our uPVC windows use cutting edge technology so that you get windows that not only look great but are rigorously tested to exceed the standards for heat retention, weather performance and, are more secure than ever. The perfect choice if you’re looking for new or replacement windows for your home.

Our Double glazing is UK-made, energy-efficient, and we use the best window materials to provide you with the highest quality and security. We also offer a wide range of window colours and styles, including casement, French, sash, tilt and turn, and bay windows.

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